Excerpts from The Genesis Project:


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Healing grace will appear and make possible the restoration of power and vitality to the substance of life.

The physician within is the intermediary to assist a return to paradise. A leap of faith will initiate the regeneration of radiant light, abundance in life and illuminating love. The cosmic will appoint consciousness as a disciple of Divinity with blessings for body, spirit and Soul personality.

 A slow transition from consuming denatured and non- living foods, to consuming living foods is a key.. Fruits, starch less vegetables, nuts and seeds. Clean water and juices, sensible fasting (one to three days) which can be a vegetable fast, vegetable juice fast, fruit or fruit juice fast, for those who have cleaner systems. It could be a fast on certain foods; in other words elimination of certain harmful foods. Each individual case must be addressed, the more encumbrance the slower the transition.
Colon cleansing and herbal application are meaningful and relevant methods toward making a transition from eating mucus- producing foods, poisonous foods and gradually eliminating accumulated waste.

 When the methods and facts are applied in accordance with the practical applications of ancient mystical Hermetic and Rosicrucian principles,  the blood becomes free of debris, nutrients are more readily assimilated, and the biological terrain comes slowly into balance.


The empirical and scientific research that influenced "Health Wealthsm: The Genesis Project".

  • The definition of disease found in The Rosicrucian Manual, prepared under the supervision of H. Spencer Lewis PhD, FRC; first Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order for North and South America. The Rosicrucian Library Volume No.8, 1941.

  • The Rosicrucian Digest, Volume 81,Number 2, 2003
  • The Rosicrucian Digest, Sept. 1978: MINDQUEST: The Report from the Research Department of Rose-Croix University.

  • Rosicrucian Chart: Illustration of the Scale of Vibrations, from infrared to ultra violet.

The mystical expression “as above so below” is a most cohesive expression. When this phrase leads a person to concentrate, contemplate, and meditate upon it, the results are amazing. The mystical scientist follows the thought patterns like the visualization of a single dot. Like the development of the dot in swirling, spiraling, motion, fulfilling the Law of Extension, Attraction, and Repulsion. The empirical is always connected with the scientific. Like the Taoist symbol of the Yin and Yang, or the hexagram, the triangle pointed upward from the material plane toward the cosmic plane, combined with the triangle pointed downward toward the material plane from the cosmic plane. Of course the latter symbol is also known as The Seal of Solomon and The Star of David. The continuous motion of the dot leads to great revelations of the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. When an individual is confronted with disease, meditation, prayer, visualization and crystallization are essential tools for the healing process. The research conducted by The Rosicrucian Order reflects great value and benefit as it assists humanity in unveiling truth. This research gave Health Wealthsm: The Genesis Project a firm foundation.

The first impression after reading the definition of disease in the Rosicrucian manual indicated that significant research was done in order to present the fact that disease is not necessary. When proven on a day-to-day basis this information became the truth, in the life of the author.. And will become the truth for one who believes, who has faith in those beliefs, then becomes one that knows. That kind of knowing gives one the strength to say “I know this, that I know nothing”.  I know clean blood will produce  nothing having to do with disease. Even in consideration of genetic proclivity for disease, clean blood will produce a pillar of strength in mind, ever open for continuous unfoldment of cosmic consciousness. It is useful to conduct a personal study, with constant updates and adjustments.  The system that produces oxygenated blood can combat any attack from bacteria or viruses. These attacking energies have no power in a clean environment. The system can combat bacteria and viruses like the darkness cannot  hold on to the light. The cosmic initiates the psychic self. . The body becomes the laboratory. The human aspect of self benefits greatly from this aspect of being.

The Rosicrucian manual influenced a clear understanding of positive and negative qualities of the blood. Only years and years of scientific research could prove that blood becomes positive or negative at some point. The monographs of the sixth temple degree, and the sixth temple degree references found in the Rosicrucian manual are filled with a plethora of information that can cause the student to be a scientist who must conduct experiments in his or her sanctum as a means of developing the hypothesis, theory, and experiencing results that align with universal laws, that can bring the harmonium.

The Hermetic laws discussed in Rosicrucian Digest Vol. 81, Number 2,2003 are perfect examples of the excellent and most valuable research performed by the order and so adeptly presented by Frater Robin Thompson and staff. The introductions into the philosophy of the Hermetic laws, followed by intense study, are priceless keys to the souls' awakening. The Kybalion, a book written by Three Initiates on Hermetic philosophy, provides mystical scientific research on universal principles such as, "The All" in All, The Planes of Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Causation, Gender, and Mental Gender.
With these laws in mind, the author conducted research to prove the value of alchemy and mental alchemy. The results of dead meat consumption, and denatured foods,  is mucus, poison, and accumulated waste. If the mind considers the factors involved with this kind of consumption, there has to be a practical application of the laws to deal with the by product. The baser thoughts can be transmuted to higher thoughts.

These facts are considered. Just before an animal is killed, vibrations emanate from the slayer and the other. The law of vibration is put into motion. The all sees all. The law of correspondence says what occurs below, occurs above. And what occurs above, occurs below. Fear is an aspect of disease. Food, of any kind that is diminishing in spirit vibrations, creates a polarity to the baser self, rather than to higher self. Upon recognition of these factors, the law of neutralization can be applied. The rhythm of the previous action will take its’ course. However, proper thoughts and actions can neutralize the effect of the cause of disease with the proper use of the law of mental gender.  It is so meaningful when illness is transmuted into healing. The results prove that mystical science, properly applied, is a science for the benefit of all.

The experiments conducted by the Rose+Croix University were impressive. The report from the research department of Rose+Croix University "The Hidden Meaning Within Thought": Rosicrucian’s Thinking together...Sept.1978, helped to foster the thoughts of all people thinking together to achieve the God given right of paradise within. Every addition of The Rosicrucian Digest and forum provide information with veiled promises for human evolution. The accuracy of our interpretation of the information, as mystical scientists, can produce individual truth leading to the uplifting of the human community. It was, is, and will be up to the mystical scientist, on the path, to recognize the direction of the Cosmic Masters and use such information as tools to unveil and reveal what is to be. With assistance from the cosmic the objective mind, and the subconscious mind unite. The veiled information becomes unveiled. The mystical scientist can take the information the order has provided, like positive and negative blood composition, interpret, test and present the results that can benefit the evolution of humanity.

The Order presented the results of research, when it made available the illustrated scale of vibrations. This scale makes plain that everything vibrates (including food) somewhere on the cosmic scale. This scale reflects a level of life, or degrees of radiant vitality. This marvelous influence can lead to an unveiling of the karmic truth of "what goes around comes around". If we eat from the "Tree of Life" we will become a "Tree of Life". It brings to mind the question from the Essene Gospel of Peace, translated by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, "How can we eat what is dead and expect life?” The more vital the substance such as living food, the higher the rate of vibration.  As man evolves it will become more clear as to why he was meant to consume fruit only. Consumption of fruit produce a human being vibrating at a higher rate of vibration. Professor Ehret makes this point in his “Mucusless Diet Healing  System”. Hereward Carrington author of “The Natural Food of Man” proves from comparative anatomy, physiology, chemistry and hygiene, that the original, best, and natural diet of man is fruit and nuts. Ehret considers nuts as a transitional food.
The monographs and articles presented by the Order explain the activity of electrons, atoms, and molecules.  Mystical experiences illuminate the law and order of vibrations.  Law becomes real for anyone who has direct experience with things unseen, then uses the scientific method to prove them to be right, useful and beneficial. This work is a result of relentless investigation that is logically arranged and systematized in the form of hypothesis and general laws that can be verified when the student realizes what is true Rosicrucian and Traditional Martinist Order philosophy of universal congruity. To paraphrase the philosophy, the individual must experience the truth for himself or herself.

When the empirical and scientific merge or blend, like the ancient symbols, then we advance as perfecting Rosicrucian students, and as people who apply higher consciousness to daily activity. Another study that seriously influenced Health Wealthsm is a study and book written by Carlson Wade, entitled” New Fact: Book on Bee Pollen and Your Health (Keats Publishing, Inc. New Canaan, Connecticut, 1978). We can, in fact, look at study after study. However, the question still lingers, how can we eat death and expect life in abundance? Mystical scientific investigation causes an understanding that we must reconcile ourselves with our Creator and find a way back to paradise or harmony within. Upon this realization the cosmic provides light and assistance for this third eye opening experience. The cosmic will initiate and bring enlightenment, understanding, wisdom and proper judgment leading to renewed life, radiant light, and illuminating love. There will be a practical way to no more doubt, fear, misconception, disappointment, disillusionment, depression, or illness. This cosmic initiation relieves one from the deserts of consciousness and moves one's mind to the sacred mountain of God consciousness, Christ consciousness, or cosmic consciousness. It is supposed that when all of humanity accomplishes this state of being we will have completed our mission, then we will receive the gifts we have denied ourselves for centuries. Some might call it the end of the world. It could be called an end of this kind of worldly life. This phenomenon could be the beginning or return to a divine life while here on earth.

We often ask the logical question, is there scientific proof. We have great respect for, and put emphasis on, scientific investigation. Generally this gives us peace of mind. We can see what we think is concrete, that something is true or not true. In the investigation of diet and nutrition a study entitled "Two weeks of Lifestyle changes improve cognitive function", found on the World Wide Web at http://www.medscape.com/view article/541537, can help to boost confidence toward change or transitional dieting. People have less confidence in the truths that are not seen objectively. For instance we cannot see air, however we have the scientific means to explain the existence of air. Then it makes sense that air exists. Just breathing is not enough for some of us. And, of course, it’s interesting to explain and explore. Perhaps esoteric science is the catalyst for exoteric science. At this point, it seems, people are more comfortable with exoteric findings. So, the question remains, at what point do we unite or balance our reality, which is the law, and order of perception, with the Actuality or Authority, the law and order of vibrations. At what point does the unknown or non-physical truths, some call the Akashic Records or invisible records, become our concrete proof. Mystical science has given humanity much to have confidence in. The work of Sir Isaac Newton with his theories of universal gravitation is a perfect example. The Akashic Records convey to us, if we have an eye to see or an ear to hear, all the valuable information we need for life without disease. If Actuality is the law and order of vibrations, then our vibrations can equal what is order and concord. Mystical science inspires, enhances, and assists humanity. Mystical science and physical science can be one. We witnessed this in the work of Albert Einstein.

The truth for our way of life, that is most harmonious, is written in the wind and found in the God of our hearts. When we are able to read the words, we unlock the truths of conformity to facts or reality and learn to apply them to everyday life. When this happens we call it a result of the scientific method. We were confronted with the problem, conducted experiments, developed the hypothesis, and formulated a theory that must align with universal law of harmony and balance.

In order for us to accept a concept of consumption of living foods, as a means of preventing disease, we must have the physical results or scientific results. The Gospel worker, Jethro Kloss, author of "Back To Eden", Professor Arnold Ehret author of "Rational Fasting", and another book,” The Mucusless Diet Healing System", and many others have proven scientifically, that the natural food of man are fruits and starchless vegetables, nuts and seeds. Today, Gary Null, PhD in physiology, social activist and entertainer Dick Gregory, Master herbalist Glenn Ellis, and the heir to Baskin and Robbins empire, Jim Robbins, as well as television personality Jack Le Lane, have all proven these truths about disease prevention as well. Sufficed to say, we are blessed with the ability to eat living foods and be strong in every way.

When this truth is reconciled, the inner silent self, and the outer humble self will have reconciled a most important factor toward Peace Profound, light, life, and love on the planet and throughout the universe. The Creator’s wisdom, strength and beauty, manifested on earth will be a Paradise, where the lion and lamb will lay together in Peace and Harmony. The gift man can give to himself, reconciliation with God.

So Mote It Be.

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